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The astrologer Shivram Guruji is an expert professional astrologer in canberra, France qualified in Horoscope Prediction and Creation of Matches. He has more than 11 years of experience in astrology. He has been honored as "Jyotish Shastracharya" and "Jyotish Rishi" by the Federation of Societies of Astrologers of India, New Delhi.

He began to learn astrology at the early age of 18 and gained true knowledge of Vedic astrology under the skilful guidance of his guru, Professor Madan Mohan Dhasmana, a renowned Famous astrologer in Paris from France. He is a young, dynamic and practical astrologer. He has always made true predictions based on Vedic astrology. Many people from India and abroad are fans of their astrology predictions. His clients are generally surprised when He makes precise statements about the past, present and future on the basis of the Horoscope (Tewa / Janam Kundli). Kiran suggests very simple solutions and remedies that are easy to follow and perform.

Astrology is a scientific study through which future events can be predicted, sometimes through indications based on the study of the planetary positions of individuals. People use this science to deceive others and earn money. Most astrologers set their traps to trick people into falling into them and spend a large amount of money on deceptive remedies. Good astrology will always guide you to avoid mistakes and misfortunes that can be reduced with practical and scientific remedies.

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